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Christmas Bowls 2020

President Andy with Phil, Fred and David
Photograph:Steven Maas
Steve Maas, Saturday, 12 December 2020

50 full time and 4 part time players joined us for a fun afternoon in sunny, but windy conditions. Special welcome was extended to our regular, and not so regular, players plus Lyn Gray, Jerry Schmidt, Chris Wood, Len Jenkins, John Cosentino, Herb Smith and David Levy.

We played on 9 rinks of triples, playing in 6 games of 4 ends in rotation with the odd numbered teams staying on their rink and the even team rotating. It was pleasing to see bowlers dress up in Christmas gear and a fun time being had by all.

Wine vouchers were issued to the following winners;

  • Team with most ends won: Barry Rose, David Peart & John Elphick.
  • Team with highest shots scored overall: Bob Leonard, Doug Murphy and Ken Alderton.
  • Player with 1st toucher: Brad Franklin.
  • Player with 1st jack and bowl in the ditch: Bob Cunneen.
  • Best dressed: David Peart.
  • The lucky team draw went to Brian Butler, Les Firman and Kevin Bettman.

We thank our organizing team of Rody, John and Bob. After a bit of a stressful morning on Selection, they arranged a very successful afternoon.

A little fine tuning of arrangements may be made for next year, but it was voted a good afternoon of fun involving mixing up our players.

David, Jonny, Emilio and Tony

Mick and Rob

Peter and Kevin

Les, Brian, Ronnie and Garry

Chris and Richard

Gerry and Ross


Fitzy and Graham

Bob and Deano

Jerry (Visitor), Maxie, Cookie and Al

Pertie - Best Dressed

Dougie, Barry, Bob and Pertie

Rob, Lyn, Jeff, Mike

Wassa, Brainy, Guv and Lenny

Spider and Noel

Marco and Boom

Max and Jamie

Crowie, Franko and Mouse

Marco, Dom, Crowie, Franko, Mouse and Boom