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2020 Club Triples Championship

Steve Maas, Saturday, 26 September 2020

The Triples Championship was a hotly contested event this year. After three rounds we finally found our finalists:

Steve Mauger, Graham Hartmann, Tony Taylor and Mark Bowen, Andy Townsend, Brad Franklin

Tony's team were outplayed at the start and were down 5-15 after 13 ends. Brad's guys seemed to have all the answers and at 19-9 to Franko after 19 ends, it looked like Franko's team would romp home. However TT had other ideas. As the match drew to a close, the margin got smaller smaller and at 19-15 to Franko after 23 ends it looked like TT could still do it. However, in the end, it was Franko's superb drawing that won them the match 20-16. Steve Mauger and Andy (Mouse) Townsend were significant contributors, but it was Franko's day.

Well done to all, it was a great final.

Click HERE for the results.

2020 Triples Runners Up