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Belrose Chemist Triples 21 August 2020

Andy Little, Friday, 21 August 2020

Today, we had 7 rinks (i.e 42 players) play 3 bowl triples of 2 games of 11 ends and they played in generally cold and windy conditions yet again.

It was great to see so many players today including Midori and the Seaforth team of Bill, Jan & Kevin. The jackpot was worth $270 and the lucky player of Geoff Godfrey was not able to draw his first game rink number. So, he received a bottle of wine and his fellow bowlers missed out on a prize. The result is next week the jackpot should be worth $300 and must be won. 4 teams had 2 wins overall only.

3rd place winners with 2 wins and 15 ends won, plus a margin of 11 were Mike & Sheila Odhavjee and Lindsay Morris and they each received a bottle of wine.

2nd place winners with 2 wins and 15 ends won, plus a margin of 13 were Guiseppe Lancuba, Ross Terranova & Steve Mauger. They shared $45.

1st place winners with 2 wins and 15 ends won, plus a margin of 24  were Julie Baker, Garry Bradburry & Wayne “Moose” Morris. They shared $120.

Douglas Fung, the Pharmacist from Belrose Chemist, our sponsor for today, was unable to attend to attend today to present the prizes, but hopes to join us next month. We very much appreciate Belrose Chemist for their continued sponsorship of this important day.

Our thanks go to Herb/Peter and his team of Ian and the other Peter for helping run the day.

We look forward to you joining us next week for our 4th Friday First National Real Estate 4 Bowl Pairs -2 x 4 x 2. You are all welcome to join us and don’t forget to text or ring the Friday mobile where possible by Thursday evening or Friday morning at 10am at the latest on 0490 503 025. You of course can continue to use the booking sheet at the Club.  Also, remember our Web is

All are most welcome to join us next Friday or any Friday.



Third Place