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First National Real Estate '4th Friday of the Month Pairs' 24 July 2020

Andy Little, Friday, 24 July 2020

Today we welcomed 44 players playing on 11 rinks of 3 games of  2-4-2 format. The weather and greens were excellent. It was pleasing to see our visitors join us and so many women teams playing. Also, it was a pleasure to announce that this 4th Friday of the Month bowls day will now be sponsored by First National Real Estate the forest, in addition to the normal 2nd Friday of the Month. Michael Buckley, from First National Real Estate the forest, will join us from time to time to present the prizes as usual.

Today’s jackpot of $240 was not won by the lucky player Herb Smith who was unable to draw his first game rink out, so he received a bottle of wine and the jackpot carries on to next Friday. That means it will be over $300 and must be won.

Third place winners with 2 wins and 17 ends won was Rody Manning and Peter Spray and they received a bottle of wine each.

Second place winners with 2 & 1/2 wins and 15 ends won was David and Elizabeth Blackwell and they shared $30.

First place winners with 3 wins and 13 ends was Peter Nixon and Peter Newland and they shared $70.

Today’s helpers of Rody, Peter and Margie (the photo lady) are thanked for all their efforts.

Next Friday is 3 bowl pairs of 4 games of 6 ends with rotation to enable all teams to meet a lot of players.

You are all welcome to join us and don’t forget to text or ring the Friday mobile where possible by Thursday evening or Friday morning at 10am at the latest on 0490 503 025. You of course can continue to use the booking sheet at the Club. 

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