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Belrose Chemist Triples 20 December 2019

Rody Manning, Friday, 20 December 2019

The Belrose Chemist recently changed ownership. Douglas Fung is the new Manager and has advised that our previous sponsorship arrangement will be extended. We thank the previous owners (Craig & Jude) for their long term support and are very appreciative of our sponsorship being extended. When next at the Belrose Chemist please introduce yourself to Douglas. He and all the friendly staff at Belrose Chemist are readily available and more than happy to assist with your needs. 

Today was the last Friday before Christmas so it was decided to change the format to a more Christmas friendly afternoon and allow a greater mix and rotation of teams and players. We had 36 players on the green making 12 teams of triples. The format was 6 games playing 5 ends each game.

The Champion team was Masako Sato, Midori Matsuoka & Hank Sato – 5 games won + 20 ends. They shared $90 cash.

Runners Up - Lorraine Hazzard, Julie Baker & Kay King – 5 games won + 19 ends. They shared $45.

In 3rd Place were Doug Murphy, Ken Alderton & Dafna Orbach – 4 ½ games won + 19 ends. They each received a bottle of wine.

All results may be viewed via the link below.

The draw for "lucky player” was won by Ian Darrock who received a bottle of wine. He then had the opportunity to draw for the cash Jackpot which had reached $270. Ian was successful in drawing out his rink number and shared the cash with fellow rink members Lindsay Morris, Ross Stevens, Lorraine Hazard, Julie Barker & Kay King.

Santa did arrive with various presents – maybe their usefulness was in the eye of the beholder!!!

Thanks to our sponsors Belrose Chemist, all the helpers and to all the players. The club appreciates your continued support.

Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and for a healthy and happy New Year. 

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