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Christmas Bowls and BBQ 2017

Steven Maas, Sunday, 17 December 2017

Christmas Bowls & BBQ 2017

Our annual Christmas fun day and BBQ was held on a very warm and humid Saturday this year. The threatened thunderstorms stayed away and, despite the heat, we all had a great time. The Turnaround Triples games gave us all a good laugh as we saw 'traditional' skips trying to be leads and vice versa. Many thanks to all the organisers, particularly our chefs. The pictures below say it all!

We hope that you all have a great Christmas and a very successful New Year, both on and off the green.

Belrose Bulls wishes you all the best for 2018.

Spider Man

Santa Max

The A-team

The Chefs

President Andy

Our Beloved Treasurer Pertie

On the Green

Interested Observers

Glittering Max

Craw in Disguise