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Women's Club Christmas Party 2017

Patricia Blume, Monday, 11 December 2017

Women’s Christmas Party 2017

The Women’s Club completed their year with a bright and very happy Christmas Party.  We are so used to seeing each other in bowls attire, that it is fun to see how different everyone looks when they have their glad rags on. The day commenced with a wonderful array of nibbles which were washed down by bubbly and orange juice on the club mezzanine.  We then took our seats for a delicious Christmas lunch. The winner of the Elaine Taylor Encouragement Award for 2017 was announced as Therese Bodie.  This award is presented annually to the most improved new player and Therese was a very worthy winner.  She has not been bowling for very long, but has already won our Minor Singles Championship  – a great achievement for a new bowler. President Sue Vostarek then took the microphone to announce all the winners of our Christmas raffle.

The music for the day was then turned up by our resident DJ, bar manager and music lover, Lyle.  In no time the lively music had a large number of the ladies dancing. 

Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

Raffle ladies Kaye Alderton and Gwen Butters

The bar: Del Connors and Eleanor Swain

Nibbles: Therese Bodie, Joan Carew and Margaret Murphy

Serving wench: Kaye Alderton

Trish Marx and head serving wench, Lynne Newland

Therese Bodie, Margaret Murphy, Michelle Treadwell, Carol Allbon, Evelyn Murray, Patty Clark, Karen Lees, Brenda McLean

Lyn Needs, Irene Karuso, Robyn Gibb, Margaret Brady, Shirley Smith, Glenda Selvage, Lesley Avis, Bev Harcourt

Eleanor Swain, Betty North, Noreen Flakelar, Sue Vostarek, Kaye Alderton, Margie Hadlington, Del Connors

Denise Levy, Billie Maas, Jan Johnson, Gwen Butters, Angela Little, Pat Shearer, Lorraine Lindsay, Barbara Wiggin

Louise Cook, Elaine Hay, Joan Carew, Janette Gordon, Daphne Menzies, Kay King, Pat Mills, Yvonne Ashdown

Jan Toovey, Anne Vaccarella, Pam Ferrett, Betty Potts, Lynne Newland, Judy Clubb, Carol Gardner

Trish Marx, Lisa Marx, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Vicki Adamson, Margaret McHutchison, Patricia Blume, Jan Allen, Carol Keech

Coach Lynne Newland, Award winner Therese Bodie, Coach Michelle Treadwell


Champion dancer every year, Lorraine Lindsay

Limbo dancer, Margaret Murphy

President Sue Vostarek

Our DJ, Lyle