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Andy Little Becomes a Life Member

Andy Little & Allan Hanson
Club Belrose/Mike Gibb, Thursday, 26 October 2017

Andy Little Becomes a Life Member.

At the Club's AGM on Sunday 22 October 2017, the membership voted unanimously in favour of the Boards Special Resolution to bestow Life Membership on Andy Little for long and meritorious service.

In addition to the Chairman Allan Hanson who spoke in favour of the resolution, several other members saluted the tireless efforts of the nominee. One such member was Life Member Mike Gibb. The following is an extract of Mike's speech.

"It is with great pleasure that I wish to speak in support of the Life Membership nomination for Andy Little.

Andy joined our club in June 1999 and has dedicated the past 18 years of his membership to ensuring the club has operated in an efficient and harmonious manner.  His tremendous efforts included but not limited to the construction of our fabulous BBQ area in conjunction with Len Jenkins, Ralph Johnson, Max Rickard and several others.  The project assured the club had saved many thousands of dollars by not outsourcing the work.  Another area of his volunteer work that comes to mind involved the garden committee set up by Joan Carew.  When she asked for volunteers one of the first to put his hand up was Andy who still to this day continues to keep our club gardens in an immaculate condition. The financial savings provided by the club’s garden committee over the past 16 or so years is difficult to estimate but would also have amount to many thousands of dollars.  His volunteer work encompassed nearly all aspects of the club’s operation which required him to donate many hours each week.  They are too numerous to mention today. Like myself I am sure those who have had the pleasure to work alongside him will well appreciate his dedication.

During my tenue as the clubs CEO I can say Andy was of great assistance in many area’s over those 11 years.  His willingness to get involved made my and the Boards functioning a lot easier.  I was very fortunate to have never experienced his reluctance to support the club’s management with him asking was there anything else to be done after completing an assignment.  You could always rely on Andy.

The Belrose Bowling Club has been extremely fortunate in having so many volunteers over my entire membership years.  Those wonderful volunteers both past and present have and continue to set a standard other clubs may only dream about.  Andy Little to this day has become the yard stick by which future volunteers will be judged.

I commend to the meeting his nomination for Life Membership."

Mike Gibb