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Womans Minor Singles 2017

Minor singles champion Therese Bodie
Vicki Adamson, Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Womans Minor Singles 2017

The Women’s Club Minor singles championship was a very hard fought series of games.  The early rounds provided some wonderful viewing and showed what exciting new players we now have in our club.  The final was contested on a beautiful, but quite hot, day between Vicki Adamson and Therese Bodie.  Therese took an early lead but Vicki doggedly kept at her tail and by the last end Therese was only one point in front.  Therese then put down a full length jack and Vicki could not match her on it, giving Therese victory. 

It was an extremely long game, with the score generally going up often by just one shot.  By the end there was a great audience watching, as many of the ladies had decided not to play on the day but just watch, and those that were playing had long finished their games and joined in with the spectators.

Everyone agreed that both ladies had played great games but special congratulations must go to Therese who has not been playing the game for very long.  

Minor singles champion and runner up