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2017 - Pennant Results Rd10

Peter Muir, Friday, 12 May 2017

That's the Bulls Pennant season for 2017 done and dusted.

Unfortunately we were out classed in a few games today. The results did not go the way we would have liked. As the old saying goes "That's Bowls".  I have the sound of Craw's voice ringing in my ears with 'its up to you to make your own luck' and we simply didn't do it.

Grade 1 away at Waverley won 50 to 47, scoring 9 points. However they finished 3rd overall on the ladder.

Grade 2 home to Asquith loosing 47 - 59, scoring 1 point. They finished 3rd on the ladder.

Grade 3 away at Manly loosing 40 - 85, going down 10 Nil. They finished 5th on the ladder.

Grade 5 away at North Manly winning 68 - 48, scoring 9 points. They finished 2nd on the ladder.

Grade 6 home to St Ives winning 59 - 53, scoring 9 points. They finished 2nd on the ladder.

Grade 7 home to Asquith winning 63 - 61, scoring 8.5 points. They finished 4th on the ladder. Only 0.5 points seperated 2, 3 & 4.

We can sit around and postmortem our season for hours and hours.  However if you ask many of the players they will tell you it was enjoyable. Yes we all like to win but its not the end of the world.  As Joey asked tonight at the Bowls Office "Where is the Pennant Application for next year?" don't you just love it.

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