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2017 - Pennant Results Rd3

Peter Muir, Saturday, 18 March 2017

The Bulls despite the dreadful weather managed to complete their home games today. All be it with a number of stoppages due to the frequent downpours. However the greens remained in pretty good shape without puddles causing a problem.

Grade 1 picked up 8 points defeating North Sydney. They are sitting on 18 points, 1 on the ladder.

Grade 2 away at Harbord and washed out today, currently on 1 point, 5 on the ladder. Results not updated by Zone as we went to print.

Grade 3 away at Avalon and also washed out, they are on 19 points, 1 on the ladder. Again the results have not been updated by Zone as we went to print. 

Grade 5 picked up 9 points defeating Pittwater Memorial at home now holding 10 points, 4 on the ladder.

Grade 6 also at home to Harbord picked up 9 points for their first win. They are now on 9 points, 3 on the ladder.

Grade 7 Away to Mosman however the game was called off. It would have been nice for Mosman to have picked up the phone and given us a heads up, saving all and sundry from calling them  angry. The team remains on 2 points, 6 on the ladder.

Click on the link below to view the ladder.

"Go The Bulls".

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