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Pistol & Tooves into the record book

Pistol & Tooves
Photograph:Club Belrose, Donna
Peter Muir, Thursday, 2 March 2017

Today's action on the greens saw a rare occurrence. It had not happened for some 10 years according to the "experts", until last April. However it's happened again.

Andy and Fitzy played Tooves and Pistol in a Pairs match. Midway through the game Tooves drew two Pistol added two Andy was close but did not alter the count and the 'good guys' had six. Fitzy was close again and Pistol added another two. Again Fitzy was close but not close enough thereby dropping an EIGHT.

Tooves and Pistol then went on to win the game 24 - 11, as its hard to recover from that little hiccup.

Happy but a little embarrassed, Editor.